ФГАОУ ВО Белгородский государственный национальный исследовательский университет

Профессор Андрей Коробков (Университет штата Теннесси), член редколлегии журнала «Трактус эворум», получил грант программы GR:EEN на проведение исследования в Институте сравнительных региональных исследований Университета Объединенных Наций (Брюгге) в июне-июле 2014 по проекту «Управление региональными миграционными системами: сравнительная перспектива».

The research project is to analyze and compare the mechanisms governing migration processes within three largest immigration systems of the world: European (centered on the EU), Eurasian (centered on Russia), and North American (centered on the US). The author (who currently serves as Co-chair of the US-Russia Social Expertise Exchange’s Working Group on Migration) has been working on this comparative project for a number of years and published more than a dozen project-related works in the US, Europe, and Russia.

The author’s goal is to consider the evolution of governmental policies of the main receiving countries and the dynamics of cooperation in migration sphere at the regional level within three systems as well as to formulate policy proposals leading to the improvements in the dynamics, structural characteristics, and territorial orientation of migration flows within these systems thus providing for the improvement of the regional socio-economic and political situations. Of special interest to the author are the issues of migrant integration into the receiving societies and the interaction of various levels of government (from the local to the region wide integrative cooperation) with the elements of civil society in this process.


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