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New book by Russian anthropologist Andrei V. Golovnev is available online on the Ethnographic Bureau website (in Russian).

Golovnev, Andrei V. 2015. Anthropology of Movement. Ekaterinburg: Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural Branch. ISBN 978-5-7691-2424-2

The book develops further the author`s anthropology of movement concept. Its main protagonist, Homo mobilis (man mobile), is now featuring as a mover of colonization through various spaces and epochs from the initial peopling of the planet to the mediaeval expansions of Europeans, Mongols, and Russians. The colonization as universal trait of living matter is far older than humankind and, in contrast to ideologically tinted ‘colonialism’, appears as regular mechanism of natural and cultural life. The book`s three parts titled Classic Variations, Mainstreams of Rus, and Expanding Russia display general characteristics and diversity of colonization.


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